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The Lodge at Glendorn: Where Families Gather.

March 7, 2016

A recent survey found that there is a growing desire across all age groups to “spend more time with family on vacation”. It may come as a surprise that this is not a movement driven by grandparents, but rather by the younger set—indeed a full 91% of Millenials surveyed are keen on multigenerational getaways, and say they try to take one every year.


Nothing compares to the experience of vacationing with your family. Such a vacation is as unique as the members of the family, and the time spent together—a dinner as a family unit can be a rare occasion in today’s busy world—is priceless. A grandfather teaching his grand-children how to fly-fish – is priceless. Family bonds are strengthen over biking, hiking, swimming and fishing. The elders in the family reminisce of their youthful summers and the youngsters disconnect from their portable devices.


It’s clear that a trend has emerged with the primary motivation being more quality time together as a family, amplified by the frenetic pace of contemporary life where time with children (and in many cases, grandchildren too) becomes rather limited. Evidently, multi-generational vacations now represent half of all vacations taken by both grandparents and parents.


We have our own proof of that here at Glendorn. A number of families have returned to stay with us for the past several years from a few days to a week or so, whether as an annual family reunion, for a milestone celebration, or week-long vacation.


They come for the range of activities suitable for all ages and stages, and they leave with numerous memories; those unforgettable moments that compel them to rebook for the return stay before they even depart.


What makes a multigenerational family trip at Glendorn so special?


Family is quite literally around which Glendorn was born. As Filler magazine recently put it, “Nostalgia hangs in the air here…” Enter through the arrival gates, to what is no less than a mesmerizing experience as you set eyes on some of nature’s finest beauty at our expansive 1500-acres property bordering the Allegheny National Forest, and you’ll somehow instantly feel the warmth of home.


Glendorn was created by C.G. Dorn who was an avid outdoorsman and nature enthusiast and, after all, named both his only son and his company Forest. In 1927, having come to love the landscape which encompassed two headwater streams, a small cabin was built at his favorite fishing spot. He wanted to establish a “summer camp” compound for his heirs, and named this glacier made, mountain glen, Glendorn.


Glendorn definitely feels like one of the grand family camps of yore. The 16 accommodations include 12 beautifully-appointed cabins with layouts suited for families from small to extra large. “Exclusive Use” can start from 20 guests to up to 55 guests.


If the fully-equipped cabins with generous common spaces and multiple fireplaces, beverage-stocked kitchens, well-dressed bedrooms with fine linens and bathrooms with all the Molton Brown necessities weren’t enough to make the stay the most comfortable and easily tailored for every family member, the robust list of activities for any season of the year is what anchors the experience. From taking bikes to planning out hikes; from fishing for trout, to foraging for blackberries; from skeet-shooting at the range, to swimming at the pool or a service at the Forest Spa, there is truly something for everyone.


Add to it all the palate-pleasing menus for every meal at Relais & Chateaux standard, be it a breakfast in-cabin, a picnic by the lake or dinner in the main lodge, and the seamless ease with which family can spend time together is unparalleled in other settings. To boot, the Glendorn staff—known far and wide to be warm, knowledgeable and incredibly accommodating—often become an extension of your own family.


It’s no wonder then why so many multigenerational families choose The Lodge at Glendorn as the place to gather. A wedding to celebrate? An anniversary to commemorate? A 60th birthday to mark? You name it. We’ve got your whole family covered. Memories are not just made here, but they are recounted year after year.


Call or email us today to find out how we can customize your next family gathering and make Glendorn your own.