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Fly Fishing in PA: Is There Anything You’d Rather be Doing?

February 22, 2016


In the midst of your busy work day, stop to think just for a second. The rippling sounds of a gentle stream. The smell of the water against trees and natural vegetation. The empty void of ringing phones, computers chiming and even the constant rattle of conversation. Is there anything as soothing or as relaxing as this? Now, picture yourself standing in the midst of this stream, becoming one with the organic life force as you wisp your line to-and-fro before casting it out, allowing the fly at the end of your line to dance across the water before calling it back. It almost doesn’t matter if you catch anything, because after all, you’re fishing, and is there anything you’d rather be doing? If not, come join us at the Orvis Fly Fishing Weekend this April 15th – 17th, 2016

About Orvis Fly Fishing Weekend

Learn the basics of fly-casting from our in house IFFF certified casting instructor Damon Newpher. Shane Appleby, our expert Spey caster, will be teaching two-handed casting with switch and Spey rods.

Doug Bear, mid Atlantic Orvis manager, will showcase some of the 2016 Orvis line of Rods, Reels and apparel. After you’ve moved through the casting areas, caught a couple of trout at Bondieu Lake, try your casting techniques on our fly-casting challenge course.


Come as Your Are

Don’t worry if you’ve never been fly fishing before. Simply come as you are and the rest is taken care of. As a guest, equipment is provided.


More Than the Fish

Your Orvis Fly Fishing Weekend is more than just fish. When daylight turns to dusk and the dipping sun forces you out of the water, it doesn’t mean the relaxing and fun experience of your trip needs to end there. If there is one thing that goes right along with fly-fishing, it is sitting around a bonfire, sampling microbrews and just enjoying the simple things in life.