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Hot Chocolate Never Tasted So Good

December 21, 2015

When it’s cold outside and you are ready to get spoiled, our hot chocolate recipe is just what you need to feel pampered. With decadent chocolate, and just the right touch of cinnamon and brown sugar, our hot chocolate recipe is ready for you and three friends to share on a cold winter night.

This is not your grandma’s hot chocolate.

  • Start with one cup of cream, and three cups of half and half. This is the milk used to make this delicious recipe. Combine the cream and half and half in a sauce pan, and warm the milk over medium heat.
  • If you’ve never heated milk on the stove before, it’s important to know that you need to go slow. Don’t try to rush by cranking up the stove, because you will end up burning the cream and half and half.
  • Once your milk is warmed up, you can start adding the other ingredients one by one (except the Pure Vanilla Extract)
  • Add in one cup of semi sweet chocolate, use a whisk to stir.
  • Next, add in 1/2 Cup cocoa powder and 1/2 Cup of brown sugar. Continue to stir with the whisk.
  • Add in a pinch (a tiny bit) of salt.
  • Add the cinnamon stick in next.
  • Remove the hot chocolate from the heat, and then add in one teaspoon of Pure Vanilla Extract.
  • Leave the cinnamon stick in the hot chocolate to allow the cinnamon to infuse into the hot chocolate until it’s gone.

This recipe is a guaranteed favorite of friends and family when they come to your house to visit. While you may want to keep the recipe for yourself, this is one that is meant to be enjoyed. Whether you are hosting a small gathering, or you are simply sitting around the fire enjoying your favorite book, spoiling yourself with a cup of decadent hot chocolate can be just the answer on a cold, winter’s night.

Our Glendhorn hot chocolate recipe is best enjoyed surrounded by the one’s you love….or you can simply keep the entire batch to yourself and refuse to share the recipe. It’s up to you!